Frida Panoussis Profil Big Brain Agency

Frida Panoussis

Live Scriber / Generative Scribing

“To be complex is easy – to simplify is the challenge.”

TEDx Stockholm, Microsoft, UN, Scania and Wikipedia, the list of clients that Frida has visualized for is long.

Frida’s visuals reflect a playful manner to present topics and strategies in corporate business and management. In a complex world we need simple and clear pictures that communicate emotion and energy in a manner that gives the message a joyful touch and makes it easy to perceive.

Frida Panoussis Profil Big Brain Agency

Frida is a former key account manager, project leader for conferences and events. She has experience in a variety of industries. Marketing and communications manager in customer experience business.

Her scribing journey started in 2016 and in 2019 she evolved her practice in training with Kelvy Bird towards the deep-level scribing practice: Generativ Scribing. Suitable for group dialogue and dynamics where several ideas and thoughts need to emerge and be brought to surface. 


Holistic, innovation and consensus are Fridas key words.