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Vassili Neplokh & Sebastian Kjelsson

Sound & Music

“Stay curious, stay foolish” – Steve Jobs

This creative duo makes up a small ensemble of a core audio team.

Sebastian and Vassili met in 2014, while studying Sound & Music Production at Dalarna University. They became good friends, played together in a metal band and ended up starting their production company Advanced Soundfare right after getting their bachelors in 2016. Since then they’ve helped bands, artists, companies and game studios reach out through the exciting and sometimes bizarre world of sound waves. 

Futuristic space sci-fi sound effects for your cat videos? No problemo! 

Mind-blowing rock symphony you want to give your 82-year old grandma for Christmas? Easy peasy! 

Recording 60 000 foot steps for that epic battle scene in the ninth spin-off series of Game Of Thrones? 

Bring it on!

These two multi-talented sound designers and musicians that can catch “that feel” for every kind of collaboration and have tons of fun during the process. Sebastian & Vassili believe in a custom, individual approach to each project and share a true passion for everything that makes a sound.

Sebastian is a very calm, responsible and reliable individual. He is also funny as hell. In his previous life Sebastian was probably a cook, because he likes to spoil the people he loves with amazing dinners. Sebastian loves to work out, keep things clean and tidy and ride his motorcycle, a hobby that greatly suits his beard. 

Vassili is a loud and eccentric cat lover. Despite the dark humor that comes with Vassili’s Russian background, he is surprisingly optimistic. He loves the sun and has a disturbing fascination for the color orange. After eight wonderful years of friendship Sebastian still cannot find Vassili’s OFF-switch.

Here is an example of our latest work with Big Brain Agency. We made the custom sound and music for ProAds animated intro-film. As well as the custom logo-sound.