A word from Simon Marke Gran

When we organised Dalai Lama’s only live appearance in Sweden, we wished to eternalise it and make it available for everyone who wasn’t there, while giving a lasting memory for the participants in the room. Big Brain Agency digitally scribed the performance. This gave us an opportunity to give the participants a tangible memory to bring home digitally after the talk was over. The result of Big Brain’s scribing doesn’t end there. Thanks to the digital poster we got the opportunity to physically print the visual summary as art and postcards. The Big Brain scribers aren’t just brilliant at catching the essence of the performance, but also contributing to the creative work and finding exciting ways to expand the usefulness of the end-result. – Simon Marke Gran, IM Sweden.

Find out more about the project and our work with IM Sweden and Dalai Lama’s presence in Malmö and Malmö Live here.

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