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Real-time magic

The social art of scribing, also known as Graphic Recording or Visual Facilitation, is a widely used event-optimizer wether in a huge conference with 500 participants or a workshop with 20 participants. You might get connotations to a court-illustrator or a visual journalist. And yes, in a way you’re right. We create illustrations live without knowing exactly what will happen or be said. And we both listen and summarize like a journalist. Then what’s the difference? Our skillset is that of a court-illustrator, journalist AND interpreter. All three at the same time. Continue the journey on this page and you’ll learn more. Welcome to our world. Let’s start with the benefits to give you a hint of the value our service provides.

Why Live Scribing works

Move people

Live visuals activate the emotional center of the brain. When the participants see something unique being created in the moment, they pay extra attention and are eager to engage and be involved.

Structure ideas

Transform complex ideas dealt with in a workshop, or a full day’s talks, into clear and beautiful insights. The visual summary support people’s understanding of the topic and they will remember more of what’s been said.

Create change

Make it easy to reflect and share after with participants. They can easily show and tell the co-workers about the experience at your event. Not to mention, use it in your communication and marketing. A sustainable investment that give long-term results.

How we do it

1. Listen

We listen with deep focus and objectively analyze what is being said in real-time. It can be a person giving a speech or a group working together to solve a problem.

2. Create

We capture the highlights in a visual summary paying attention to both the details and the meta-overview. We use a simple icon-language and visual identity that resonates with the audience and fullfil your brand guidelines.

3. Summarize

We take the microphone as the moderator invite us to briefly share what has happened, with the visuals as support. This final part usually makes a huge impression and leaves a long-lasting memory as the recap – happening live without preparation – is yet another tool to help people remember and move things forward with impact.

Our standard rates

Live Scribing Price

Full day

2670 €

Half day

1930 €

One hour

980 – 1450 €

We offer package deals when booking multiple events or days. Academia or non-profit organisations have flexible rate. Please get in touch for a quotation optimized to your needs.

Included in the price:

  • Material like markers and paper or iPad with accessories for digital scribing
  • Preparatory work: creative brief with your project team (1-2 hours), research and test sketch (3-4 hours), adjustment to visual identity.
  • Set-up at venue 1 hour prior to start or evening before.
  • Live Scribing according to time specified.
  • Verbal summary (if wished for) – an objective summary at the end, while reviewing the visuals created.
  • Post-production: Adjustments if needed (1-2 hours).

Let's be more visual

Get your event to stand out and make people move.

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