Memorable events with Live Scribing

We are fast interpreters who illustrate ideas in real-time, to make conferences and workshops impactful. We make visual summaries that move people.

Our innovative clients

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Vi ritar live på ditt event, konferens, workshop, utbildning eller möte. Digitalt, remote, online, på plats, analogt eller på papper. Vi erbjuder tjänster inom livetecknande, facilitering, graphic artists, kurser och mycket mer! Vi visualiserar live och ritar innehåll så att deltagare på konferenser, möten, workshops och utbildningar kommer ihåg mer, blir engagerade och kan reflektera över den visuella sammanfattningen. Big Brain Agency, Live Scribing Mötestecknare, Graphic Recording Recorder, Mötesritare.

An experience your audience will never forget

The visual highlights make meetings, conferences, and workshops clear and inspiring. Participants remember more and are motivated to think forward to new solutions.

They managed to, on one single canvas, gather a full day of highlights. All the thoughts divided and visualised so simply and beautifully.

Eric Lacomte


Visuals that move.


Let us visualize for you.

Make your ideas look good and make sense.

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