Age of Collaboration

Collective expertise how to move people and systems

Age of Collaboration was a two-day workshop experience with the aim for all participants to leave the session with an updated set of tools on how to level up their leadership to lead teams in a more efficient, engaging and successful way.

Facilitated by Anna Gullstrand, Åsa Norell och Roger Sjögren, they went through three Leadership-perspectives:

Self-Leadership – In this first chapter questions were reflected upon to awaken self-reflection. How can I increase my self awareness? -How can we as humans, colleagues etc, support each other to connect to self awareness and increase self leadership? -What mindsets, processess, routines, structures, models, tools, exercises, etc can support self awareness and self leadership?

Team-Leadership – Participants were given insights how to make all employees excited and engaged in collaborative tasks. The VUCA-world was explored. How to both inspire and create a sense of urgency.

Systems Leadership – In the final chapter, we came up with solutions how collaboration can unlock ideas for the organization, people and society.

The two day exploration was visualised on a giant wall in the room so that everyone could follow the progression and be reminded of the different chapters.

The output from the group session was transformed into a book where the illustrations we made live during the two days took part.

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Fotografier av Mårten Björk.
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