The World Dyslexia Assembly

With the Swedish Royal family

His Royal Highness Prince Carl-Philip of Sweden realized as a young boy that he was struggling with reading. As an adult he decided to use his voice to increase awareness of Dyslexia and what support children rightfully should have access too. Together with H.R.H. princess Sofia, they started started Prinsparets stiftelse, who invited other royals and important stake holders to a World Dyslexia Assembly to share knowledge and experiences. Big brain got the honor to visualize all the speeches and discussions.


Our Scriber Nikki did not only do live visuals, she also contributed by speaking about visual facts and perspectives of how images can be used to favor understanding and learning as a complement to text. Letters and images are both icons, but letters are more abstract and harder for dyslexic brains to associate – where as concrete pictures does not need translating. An important day with an heart warming outcome. 

Oh, I love your work!

Her royal Highness
Princess Beatrice of England
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